Meeting Details for June 29, 2005 Meeting    (2S14)

Preparation for the meeting:    (2S1D)

Please take a few minutes to review the action items from our last meeting. For convenience, we have listed action items identified for group action below.    (2S1E)

  1. GEA COP WG participants to review the use case scenarios and be prepared to select one for the group to use as the focal point for further profile creation activity.    (2S1F)
Ongoing Actions:    (2S1G)
  1. GEA COP WG participants should immediately go here and establish an account on WIKI.    (2S1H)
  2. The group is to identify an administrator to represent the interests of the GeoSpatialCommunityofPractice    (2S1I)
  3. The group is to consider the measures of success and related target goals for this effort. How do we know if/when we have succeeded?    (2S1J)
Resources:    (2S3R)