Collaborative Expedition Workshop #53, Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at NSF    (359M)

Open Collaboration: Networking Semantic Interoperability Across Distributed Organizations and Their Ontologies    (359N)

Purpose / Description:    (35V0)

Logistics:    (35UQ)

DRAFT AGENDA (as of August 13, 2006):    (35UW)

Keynote: The Net-Centric Operations Industry Consortium Semantic Services and Information Interoperability Working Group    (359X)

Presentation: Integrated, Interoperable and Collaborative Systems: Architecture and Engineering Paradigm    (35AK)

Presentation: Semantic interoperability for the DoD Computerized Medical Record System using various standard medical ontologies which are proprietary.    (35B5)

What's New: The Consortium in charge of the SemanticGov Project Providing Integrated Public Services to Citizens at the National and Pan-European level with the use of Emerging Semantic Web Technologies – FP6-2004-IST-4-027517    (35UH)

What's New: CIMA and Semantic Interoperability for Networked Instruments and Sensors (Note: CIMA is Common Instrument Middleware Architecture)    (385A)

Presentation: Cross-Domain Semantic Interoperability via Common Upper Ontologies    (35A8)

Presentation: Representation of UDEF in RDF/OWL    (35B4)

Presentation: Extending Semantic Interoperability To Legacy Systems and an Unpredictable Future    (35B7)

Presentation: A 5D Model of a Semantic Wiki and Working with Your Ontologies With A Full Ontology Packaging and Change Management System - The VK Semantic Wiki    (35B6)

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Workshop Comments, Synopsis, and Followup:    (35UZ)