Citizen Service Levels Interagency Committee (CSLIC)    (3EQ1)

What is CSLIC?    (3EQ2)

CSLIC is comprised of citizen service professionals from the United States Federal Government.    (3EQ3)

It provides an opportunity for call center, contact center and field office managers to get together to share real world experiences and identify specific issues to promote citizen service success.    (3EQ4)

CSLIC was assembled by the USA Services E-Gov Initiative, which is housed in GSA's Office of Citizen Services and Communications.    (3G5B)

What is the purpose of CSLIC?    (3EQ5)

To assist call center, contact center and field office managers in improving their agency’s citizen service, which ultimately improves citizen service government-wide.    (3EQ6)

What is the philosophy of CSLIC?    (3EQ7)

All who contact the United States government deserve correct and consistent information. This information should be delivered in a timely fashion with the utmost courtesy.    (3EQ8)

Summary of Key Metrics    (3EQ9)

Key Metrics    (3GQK)

Complete Best Practices    (3EQB)

Best Practices for Citizen Services    (3EVY)

CSLIC’s Newsletter The Citizen Service Times    (3EQD)

First Issue    (3EVZ)

Second Issue-Theme: Customer Satisfaction    (3G59)

CSLIC Team    (3EQF)

89 Team Members    (3EW0)

Deadlines and Deliverables    (3EQH)

CSLIC members have until April 20 to submit articles for the third issue of our newsletter the Citizen Service Times.    (3EQI)

File Repository    (3GR1)