Chief Architects Forum Quarterly Meeting, Thursday, April 5, 2007    (3I68)

Agenda    (3J6D)

1. OMB FEA PMO Overview, Stephen Helland, FEA PMO, OMB    (3J68)

2. Architecting your Agency's Identity Management Service: With security, privacy, information sharing and infrastructure costs in mind. An expert panel discussion will provide informed practical advice for Chief Architects.    (3J6E)

Increasingly Federal Chief Architects are including an Identity Management Service in their Target Architectures. And CIOs are putting together Identity Management and Access business cases this summer. The challenge in transition planning includes incorporating government wide requirements (HSPD 12, Infrastructure LOB, E-Authentication Initiative) and the demands of users to quickly access all types of information; often past organizational boundaries (DRM Information Sharing Data Architecture, Security, Privacy and Appropriate Use issues). There are clearly many views to this issue.    (3J6A)

Overview of FEA Security and Privacy Profile, Dr. Scott Bernard, Deputy CIO, Federal Railroad Administration    (3J66)

Overview of Identity and Access Management, Mr. Tony Cossa, GSA.    (3J0H)

Additional Resources    (3J6F)