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[soa-demo] SOA-Demo - Work session/Artifacts

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From: "Tom Digre" <tom-d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 16:52:29 -0400
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Attached are artifacts produced from the model developed this afternoon.


SoaLobModel folder contains the developed cx model.


Contractor,Employee,Finaince-LoB,HR-Lob-Payroll,Program folders each contain a subfolder named definition.  Each of these folders represents a role in the model.  The “definition” subfolder contains schema (*.xsd), wsdl (*.wsdl), and bpel (*.bpel) reflecting the model.



  1. Schemas are duplicated in some cases, depending upon the definition of the corresponding role.
  2. wsdl is abstract.  It does not contain bindings.   It consolidates the incoming and outgoing port types.  Direction of usage for each port type is indicated in the “partnerLinkType” definition, which indicates the owner (server) role associated with each port type.


Tom Digre

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