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[soa-demo] SOA Demo Meeting (10/10/06) Notes

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From: "Cory Casanave" <cbc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 13:06:57 -0400
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Agenda    (3A0N)

The focus of this meeting was to define the schema for the demo messages and resolve issues with XBRL.    (3A0O)

In attendance    (3A0P)

Phone: Sonya Antypas - DynAccSys Howard Ungar – DynAccSys Lisa Miller – DynAccSys Joe Chiusano - BAH    (3A0Q)

DAT Office: Cory Casanave - DAT Tom Digre - DAT Ed Harrington –DAT Grant Boyd – BAH    (3A0R)

Summary    (3A0S)

The intent of the demo is to define web service messages that define the contract of interaction between parties - exactly what information is sent and when. XBRL defines a very general "ledger transaction" that encompasses much of the information in the request, there is no standard way to subset a ledger transaction to support specific message scheme - as you would expect in a web services message. Despite this issue, there is a shared desire to leverage XBRL.    (3A0T)

We looked at the option of defining a subset message based on reverse engineering messages, defining a new schema, etc. What we landed on as a temporary measure is to wrap the generic XBRL schema in a message specific complex type wrapper and then use these as our message content. This is not seen as the "proper" architectural approach but is being done to expedite getting an initial demo running.    (3A0U)

Grand & Howard agreed to work on some example instance documents to better define the interactions. Tom agreed to test the use of the XBRL schema for creating the web services specification.    (3A0V)

Additional traffic is expected on the email list as the schema and example instances are further defined.    (3A0W)

Follow-up meetings are scheduled for Friday at 8:30 AM (Phone in) and Tuesday 9:30-4pm at Data Access Technologies.    (3A0X)

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