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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 15:19:48 -0400
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In concert with both the SOA community of practice ( and IAC ( a group has started a “SOA Demo” that will provide a resource for use by government and industry as we communicate and validate SOA as a strategic approach.  This was initiated at the last SOA Conference and we have made a commitment to a demo for the Oct 30th SOA-COP conference.  While we are focused on that conference as a deadline, our goal is to be able to use such a demo for multiple venues.


The demo is intended to involve a scenario that will resonate with government stakeholders and also allows multiple industry participants to play a role.  Industry participants will be given the opportunity to show how they can support a SOA architecture with their services and tools, interacting with each other across the scenario’s service interfaces.  We also expect the demo to be a living resource, to be “up” continuously to show SOA collaboration across the internet.  The specifications for the last phase of the demo can be found here;  Enclosed is the presentation from the last conference.


The initial demo scenario is going to be revisited to make sure we have a scenario and specification that both resonates with out business stakeholders and is something that our industry participants can use and implement.  Defining that scenario and the “rules of engagement” for the demo will be the subject of an upcoming face-face meeting.  This is a meeting for those specifically involved in and having a role in producing, sponsoring or defining the demo.  The industry participants will be expected to provide implementations and/or other supporting materials and the government participants will be asked to identify and validate our subject scenario as something that will resonate with government stakeholders. 


Various scenarios have been proposed, such as:

  • A commerce example, similar to the current scenario
  • An emergence Response scenario
  • SOA Integration between government lines of business
  • Records Management

Our goal at the end of this meeting will be to have decided on a demo scenario and identified the key players who will then work together to refine that scenario into an SOA specification and ultimately a working demo system. This is an open and inclusive process and we would like to invite others who are interested and we encourage “outreach” to get more participants.  However, this is a working meeting primarily among those who have already decided to expend resources on producing the demo and will maintain that focus.  Others will still be able to enter the demo process later, after the scenario has been defined.


Note that once the demo scenario and SOA is defined it will be up to individual vendors, integrators and government participants to “show their stuff” in relation to that shared scenario.  There will be multiple opportunities for exposure of participant’s capabilities.


Our proposed time is Monday Sept. 11th at 2pm-4pm.  Location to be determined as we get a head-count, but most probably in the Tyson’s Corner area.  Please respond with your interest and availability to attend. 


Cory Casanave

SOA Demo Coordinator





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