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From: Rex Brooks <rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 07:22:42 -0700
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Hi Folks,    (01)

I wanted to pass this along because the ROSS Project and USDA's Fire 
and Aviation Management Service plays a part in the work being done 
in the OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee, and, thus, 
impacts the work our pilot does. This was the first I had heard about 
the ROSS Project Team developing an Enterprise Service Bus in a SOA 
context, and I wanted to suggest that perhaps someone might want to 
get in touch with them. I would volunteer except my plate is full to 
overflowing. In fact I still owe our effort a summary of the pilot, 
and I wanted to let you know that I have neither forgotten nor lost 
track of it. I hope to get to it later today, and will post a message 
about it, with the url for the wiki page when ready.    (02)

Rex    (03)

>Subject: Re: EDXL Resource Message
>To: Elysa Jones <ejones@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Cc: allen_deitz@xxxxxxxxxxxx,
>       Chip.Hines@xxxxxxx,
>       emergency@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
>       jcrosby@xxxxxxxxxxxx,
>       ltincher@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
>       rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
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>From: Jon Skeels <jskeels@xxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 03:40:10 -0600
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>Elysa:  I appoligize for the delay in getting to this.  I have started
>working on this and have questions and need further information.  In your
>note, you reference the "Draft Resource Messaging Specification".
>Unfortunitly I do not have the copy that was submitted by the EIC.  I did
>have a draft which is dated August 12, 2005, but did not find it useful in
>providing my response.  My guess is that my response is very incomplete and
>will require much more information.
>The comments provided in the "EDXL RM draft comment" column on the sheet
>you sent uses words like "included".  In this case I assumed that you have
>enough information and don't need any additional.  Where it states "Need
>Definition", I have provided a response.
>It should be noted that the ROSS Project Team is currently developing a
>Enterprise Service Bus architecture for message exchange.  As with any
>systems project that use an iterative approach to requirements, design,
>develop, test, and deploy; we have made many important discoveries and
>improvements upon the approach we are taking to implementing a Services
>Oriented Architecture (SOA).  The work we are doing will be used for
>interfaces with many systems external to ROSS.  In the early running, this
>will include 2 Computer Aided Dispatch Systems (CAD Systems) which are used
>in the Wildland Fire focus area, Qualifications and Certification Systems
>(for incident personnel), and several Finance Systems.
>My guess is that we will have improved upon many (and perhaps developed
>specifications for new), if not all of the message packages I discussed
>with the EIC.
>Hopefully this helps.  If not, please advise.
>(See attached file:
>Jon C. Skeels, PMP
>Senior Project Manager
>WO-Fire & Aviation Staff
>Information Systems Project Office
>USDA Forest Service
>740 Simms St
>Golden, CO 80401 
>Phone: 303-236-0630
>Fax:     303-236-5221
>Cell:    303-902-1897
>"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving
>safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in
>sideways, Champagne in one hand - strawberries in the other, body
>used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO - What a ride!"
>              Elysa Jones                                                  
>              <ejones@warningsy                                            
>    >                                                 To
>                                        <allen_deitz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,        
>              03/14/2006 05:41          <jskeels@xxxxxxxxx>                
>              PM                                                         cc
>                                        <jcrosby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,            
>                                        <Suzanne_Acar@xxxxxxxxxxx>,        
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>                                        <rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,             
>                                        emergency@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     
>                                                                    Subject
>                                        EDXL Resource Message              
>Mr. Deitz and Mr. Skeels,
>My name is Elysa Jones, Chair of the OASIS Emergency Management Technical
>Committee.  During October of 2005, the EDXL Resource Messaging
>requirements and specification was submitted to OASIS for standards
>review and formalization under the OASIS process.
>The requirement was submitted by the Emergency Interoperability
>Consortium (EIC), the Department of Homeland Security's Disaster
>Management e-Gov Initiative, and the Standards Working Group (SWG) it has
>Jon Skeels and Judy Crosby have participated in this Standards Working
>Group process, and I understand that Mr. Deitz is the formal contact
>representing the NWCG. At the time of submission to OASIS, Mr. Skeels
>provided a document "Proposed_EDXL_Message_List", which was included as
>an addendum to the submission to OASIS for additional consideration.
>To assist the OASIS technical committee, further information is required
>in order to adequately consider this input.  The original document
>provided by Mr. Skeels is attached with brief annotations / initial
>impressions.  For each bulleted message where it is felt that the
>draft Resource Messaging Specification does not adequately cover, we
>respectfully request that you provide the following information:
>1.    Definition of each message and it's purpose
>2.    Actors involved (who might send and receive this
>3.    For each, list any message elements not covered by
>the spec
>4.    Definition of additional message elements
>recommended and the purpose of each.
>Mr. Skeels and his colleagues were very involved with and supportive of
>this SWG process for resource, and we are happy to consider this
>additional input.  We look forward to your reply, and to your
>continued participation in the process to help make this standard the
>best it can be.
>Elysa Jones, Chair
>Engineering Program Manager
>Warning Systems, Inc.
>256-880-8702 x102
>256-694-8702 cell (See attached file:
>    (04)

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309    (05)

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