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In case you missed the announcement, see below:



Subject:  Announcing the 8th SOA E-Government Conference  - McLean, Virginia    October 5, 2009


The conference theme is “Services Orientation in Practice”


Along with the Federal SOA Community of Practice, the MITRE Corporation is hosting a free conference for Federal managers and executives interested in adopting service-based, enterprise-wide practices.  The full day event will feature a dynamic and challenging foray into the practical aspects of service oriented program delivery incorporating both technical and management perspectives.  


Our keynote speakers, distinguished presenters and experienced panelists will cover useful and poignant topics, including:


“Becoming a Services Based Enterprise

“How To Do SOA Governance”

“Succeeding in Funding and Acquiring Services in Federal Procurement,” and focused discussions on achieving “Services Orientation Through Cloud Computing” among other topics. 


Conference Specifics:


Monday October 5, 2009    The location is in MITRE 1 Auditorium, 7515 Colshire Road, McLean, VA  22102.  The conference will take place as previous ones have, on the MITRE campus located just inside the Beltway adjacent to Dolly Madison/Chain Bridge Road.  Free registration is through the conference’s online website - beginning at the end of August 2009.   The agenda and related announcements, including parking, vendor participation and conference details will be announce on the website later this month.


Please see:    Register at:


If you have any questions or comment leading up to formal registration, please send an email to:  glinden@xxxxxxxxx   PoC:  Gregory Linden. 



David R. Mayo

President, Everware-CBDI

2009 Federal 100

Vice-Chair, IAC Enterprise Architecture SIG

o. 703-246-0000 x103

c. 703-608-5522



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