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To all participants working on “A Practical Guide to Federal SOA”,


Our plans are changing – please note the schedule below – details for each meeting to follow.


First, thanks to all who contributed to the Key Messages. Your contributions are very valuable and the Editorial Board (EB) plans to review and scope all sections this Thursday, Feb 15.  We will then hold a short planning conference call to arrange a time for each team to meet with the Editorial Board to discuss their section the following Friday 2/23 from 10AM - 3PM.


2/15 – Thursday - Editorial Board only – scope Key Messages for each section

2/16 – Friday 4 PM conference call with co-leads to select timeslot for Editorial Board discussion.  In preparation for this call please coordinate with co-leads regarding your availability for 2/23 session - and you may also email your availability to me in advance of (or in lieu of) the call Friday.  Please select a 30 minute timeslot starting between 10 AM and 2:30 PM.  It is our desire to have both co-leads available for the EB meetings on 2/23 and as many authoring team members as can make it.  This will be the primary level-setting session in advance of drafting the sections.

2/23 – EB section review with individual authoring teams. From 10-3 PM


Thanks again for your contributions to-date.   Please help me coordinate next Friday’s sessions by either emailing me your teams preferred time slot or calling in on Friday (dial-in number to be provided soon).





Daniel Ellis


Director, Enterprise Solutions


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