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[ontac-forum] Expanded invitation to ONTAC and Collaborators!

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Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 16:13:51 -0400
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In discussing the matter further with Heather McCallum-Bayliss we determined that the ONTAC Forum does not have so many participants that crowds would be a problem.

The AQUAINT session is therefore open to ALL members of the forum, because the AQUAINT programs' projects that demonstrate the simultaneous application of Ontologies and Linguistics are so important that everyone who is working in the field should see the results. Further, if you have a professional colleague who would be interested please send in a recommendation for an invitation.

Everyone interested should follow the same procedure as was indicated previously for government employees: send an e-mail, get a reply and then register for one of the two days. If there gets to be a problem it will be "as space permits". The organizers just want to know who is coming so name tags will be ready. There is no fee for this session.

Remember, there are researchers here from institutions like MIT, Stanford, CMU, IBM, PARC, CYC and many others. Since ONTAC communicates with the best in the Ontology field, come talk with your colleagues!

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