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I have received permission from Heather McCallum-Bayliss to bring to the ONTAC forum’s attention the demos and briefings that are the final session of Phase II of the Advanced Question Answering for Intelligence (AQUAINT) program. The research in this program is all unclassified.

This program has been in progress since 2001 (two two-year Phases) and the results are impressive.

It is to be held on both May 2nd and May 3rd. The location is the University of MD Inn and Conference Center in Adelphi Maryland (MD), USA. It is the same program each day, and demos are staffed 100% of the time.

This on-site invitation is offered to U.S, Federal Government employees.

However, for those who are not Federal Government employees there is significant information about the AQUAINT projects’ findings already posted on the Web (key word: AQUAINT – Google has 96,100 mentions). For further details you can e-mail the PIs. Again, the research in this program is all unclassified.

Some issues of interest to the Ontology Community:
1. Automated Ontology Generation: One of the participants, LCC (PowerAnswer; PACE) has developed an automatic Ontology generator. It has been greeted with great interest in a recent major test, one combining it with 5 other tools that address hypothesis reasoning.
2. Projects demonstrate the integrated use of multiple linguistic hierarchical and network constructs, e.g. WordNet, Framenet.
3. For events there are several new knowledge representations for verbs (other than “IS-A” relationships.) AQUAINT participants have found that Verb-based event frames are more effective than other constructs in detecting events. These frames are used in several projects:  SUNY Albany, Ferret, CiceroCustom, and the Brandeis project focusing on the semantics of temporal relationships.

Additional details, including a draft agenda, can be found at https://conference.brtrc.com/Aquaint2006

Although access to register can be gained by entering your email address or name in the appropriate section, only individuals who have already received an invitation will have access to register. To obtain this invitation, Federal Government employees can send an e-mail to Marg Schulenberg at mschulen@xxxxxxxxx 703.205.1551 with a cc to Jim Stright (jrstrig@xxxxxxx) so the program can keep track of who's coming.

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