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[ontac-forum] Mejino and Rosse's work on structural informatics

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Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 09:50:02 -0700
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Dr. Mejino
Structural Informatics Group
University of Washington    (01)

I have a number of questions about the ontology merge automation that you
and Dr Rosse have been working on.    (02)

In reference to the 2005 one page
and the longer (five page)
ter.pdf    (03)

As you are likely following, I have made principled arguments in the ONTAC
forum against over formalization in representing human concepts about
anatomy, in particular.  But more generally a group of scientists are
working on deconstructing SOME aspects of classical AI so that the notion of
formalization is not taken as seriously as it has been, up to now.    (04)

I have made the argument that bio-mathematician Robert Rosen's work properly
defines all formal systems (not human language - but systems formalized
under classical logics) as being "simple", in spite of the computer science
communities confused and confusing use of phrases like "computational
complexity" and "formal semantics".  We then have the result that all
natural systems are complex, including non-living systems.  A formal system
is placed outside an operational definition of “natural” and is classified
as something human made using induction, where “induction” is taken as being
descriptive of biological inductions often studied in signal pathway
research.    (05)

Robert's daughter has been helping to maintain the Rosen contribution and
communicated the following to my group    (06)

http://www.ontologystream.com/beads/nationalDebate/314.htm    (07)

The Rosen arguments are deeply in line with my understanding of Karl
Pribram's work in quantum cognitive neuroscience, and in line with my
understanding of the physical processes involved in the selection of
function for an aggregation of (sub) structure as expressed in Gerald
Edelman's work.    (08)

I will be in Seattle over Christmas 24 - 29th, visiting with my oldest
daughter and her husband.  They are in the graduate program at Univ of Wash.    (09)

Can we meet and talk about an approach to ontology merge based on subparts
of my RoadMap.    (010)

http://www.datawarehouse.com/search/?FREETXT=Prueitt    (011)

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