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Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 16:24:48 -0500
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Eric --
  Just to clarify one point or two:    (01)

[Eric P. said] Remember that the lattice as Dr. Sowa just defined is a
subsumption lattice.  Since one upper ontology has about a snowballs
chance of subsuming the content of another, the interesting lattice of
theories will be the one we create by grouping the axioms that we
encounter.    (02)

  Yes, that is what I would anticipate, too.     (03)

[Eric P. said]  To include other "voted" work, I suggest we adopt a
common syntax like
CL, KIF, or KFL.  Ideally, it would be a semantic web language, but
not liked the ones that I've seen FOL-wise.  But an OWL subset would be
useful.    (04)

I would recommend as the canonical language whatever is the most
expressive formalism used by any COSMO-WG participant, and translate to
the extent possible into other formalisms, if there is any demand for
them.  At this point, KIF seems least restrictive, but we can try to
avoid axiom constructions that would not be acceptable in kfl.  Those
that cannot be used in kfl can be marked in some way.  I think it would
still be worthwhile trying to get a translation into OWL, for whatever
part can be translated.  Perhaps others have other preferences?    (05)

Pat    (06)

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