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[ontac-forum] Addition to Agenda for Oct.5 meeting.

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Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 17:20:39 -0400
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ONTACWG members:
There has been a late but important addition to the agenda for the
ONTACWG meeting on October 5th.  Marc Wine will briefly describe the
Health IT Ontology Project (HITOP).  This is the Federal group to
recommend the use of ontology software tools in key Health IT
applications, through the office of the National Coordinator for Health
Information Technology, Dr. David Brailer.     (01)

To accommodate this, lunch has been pushed back 10 minutes and the
afternoon break was shortened to 15 minutes. The revised agenda is
appended.    (02)

Presenters:  If possible, try to get the slides to me or Brand by
Monday. Thanks.    (03)

Pat    (04)

ONTACWG meeting Oct. 5, 2005
Final(?)  Schedule    (05)

9:00  Patrick Cassidy -- welcome
9:05  Patrick Cassidy - MITRE:  ONTACWG 
9:30  Barry Smith - SUNY Buffalo:  NCOR 
9:55  Owen Ambur --  DoI: Federal Enterprise Architecture 
                                            Data Reference Model
10:10 Rick Murphy - GSA: "FEA-RMO Shared Concept Use Case:
             A Cognitive Science Perspective on Standardizing the
Linkages between 
            FEA Reference Models." 
10:25 Marc Wine - GSA: "The Health IT Ontology Project" 
10:35 Kevin Hannon: "Enterprise Taxonomies: One Large or Many Small?"
10:50 Break    (06)

11:10  Steve Hunter - Agilense: Enterprise Architecture Management
11:30  Frank Hartel NCI/NIH:  NCI Thesaurus
12:00  Olivier Bodenreider - NLM: UMLS overview
12:20  Lunch    (07)

1:20  John Dickert - DTIC:  DoD Core taxonomy
1:45  Jim Ritter -- CIO/G6:  CALL Taxonomy
2:10  Adam Pease -- Articulate Software: SUMO
2:35  Michael Gruninger - U. of Toronto:  PSL
3:00  Break
3:15  Peter Yim, CIM3 -- Pilot & Preview on "CODS" - a Collaborative
                                       Ontology Development Services &
3:30 - 3:50  Discussion: Organization of ONTACWG
3:50  Open Discussion: goals, tools,  and methods
5:00  Meeting ends
 ====================================     (08)

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