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Hello all,    (01)

During yesterday's meeting NTL Update, Rosalyn Alleman mentioned that
NTL was working with RITA RD&T to create a new database that contains
projects that  are funded by U.S. DOT.    (02)

Questions were asked regarding the stage of implementation and when it
would be available. Rosalyn responded that it was going to unveiled at
TRB.    (03)

I'm not sure if this is the same as the unveiling, but the NTL LIST
poster submission contains information about the database. Please see
the attached abstract (it may or may not be available through the TRB
online planner, too) under Knowledge Management System.    (04)

--Jennifer     (05)

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Hi ETKNers:    (07)

I'm attaching the agenda for tomorrow's morning.  Note: the agenda
refers to reviewing the draft NTKN Strategic Plan- that will be arriving
separately, hopefully later today.    (08)

Talk to you tomorrow,    (09)

Jane    (010)

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