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Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 12:52:00 -0700
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The beginnings of one.  See the attached document.  The relationships of
networks and organizations will be further described, I expect, in the
Strategic Plan we are developing.  (This needs some updating but it may
help).    (01)

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A follow up question for everyone:  has a presentation or schematic been
developed that shows the relationships between...    (03)

Regional TKN's
National TKN (& current projects, per RITA website)
Pooled-fund Study 
NCHRP studies
Tools:  TRIS, OCLC, WorldCat, NTL, TRT, One Search, etc. etc.    (04)

Maybe a 1-2 page intro document for ETKN members could be developed with
a glossary explaining all of these different groups/initiatives and how
they're related.  Guess I could volunteer myself to develop it, but you
might not see it for a while :).    (05)

Thanks,     (06)

David M. Jared, P.E.
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"I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ" (Rom. 1:16)    (07)

Please note my new phone number: 404.608.4799    (08)

OMR Video Overview:      (09)

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Hi,    (011)

Attached is the brochure by Ron Curb that was mentioned in today's ETKN
meeting.  This brochure is a great marketing tool for transportation
libraries, especially  to upper management.    (012)

Lynn    (013)

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