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DRAFT ETKN E-Mail Invitation



We would like to extend an invitation for you to join the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network (ETKN). Our members have identified you and your library as important players in our region.


ETLN is a network of transportation libraries and information service providers located at state DOTs, universities, associations and other transportation agencies. By collaborating as members of a network, our vision is to increase the availability of our holdings, reduce operating costs, and leverage group access to transportation knowledge and information needed by our patrons


ETKN was created to support our transportation infrastructure.  It is especially important now to preserve and access this crucial information as the nation currently invests in our bridges, highways, transit, and airports. As you may be aware, a series of high-level initiatives over the past five years has resulted in increased interest in the potential of transportation libraries to improve research, business practices and day-to-day decision making by practitioners. Discussions on transportation library networking activities have resulted in the following documents:

“TRB Special Report 284: Transportation Knowledge Networks: A Management Strategy for the 21st Century”

“Transportation Knowledge Networks: A Draft Business Plan”


We hold bi-monthly meetings by telephone. This past year, we have found success in gathering information and coordinating with fellow members, the other regional knowledge networks and the National Transportation Library. 


We believe membership will result in increased visibility and support for your library. 

Membership is free of charge. Our web-site outlines the membership criteria at

including a commitment to maintaining an organized  transportation collection and a willingness to participate


If you are considering joining, e-mail us back and we will forward a Transportation Librarian Toolkit, a resource book especially designed for transportation collections.


Or if you have any questions, contact membership chair Carol Paszamant (609)-530-5289 Carol.Paszamant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  or myself






Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network












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