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Jane—Thanks for the notice.  Perhaps we could discuss this at the next ETKN conference call, but would it be possible to run a webinar alongside the live presentations, for those who may not be able to attend?

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Good afternoon, all:


The National Transportation Library has scheduled the second annual National TKN meeting for June 17 in New Orleans, to be held in conjunction with SLA.  This will be a joint meeting of the National Transportation Library, ETKN, WTKN,  MTKN and the Transportation Pooled Fund. 


The meeting will be held at a public library (location to be announced) from 9 AM - 2 PM.  The meeting will focus on the national TKN projects outlined last year and strategic planning in the wake of recently-published NCHRP  Report 643 "Implementing Transportation Knowledge Networks".
>From 2 PM- 5 PM, there will be time, space and equipment  available for the regional TKNs to meet individually if they so choose. 


Additional details will be announced and a draft agenda will be sent out.  I hope that many of us can attend.







Jane Minotti

Librarian, Research Library

NYS Department of Transportation

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