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In answer to your question David, that is a great idea. I have noticed that a number of states are posting newer reports online, but fewer have scanned the old reports. Ours (LTRC’s reports) have been scanned and posted online by the Publications & Digital Media Development department. Now I’m working on the meta-data AND making sure they are in TRIS, basic records along with web addresses for the electronic versions.






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Sandy:  GDOT completed the survey, but it triggered a question which may merit a separate survey.  Do you have a feel for how many ETKN states have “e-libraries” of scanned old research reports?  Our librarian has scanned our old research reports back to the 1960’s, and we’re curious if most other states have done this.  If so, this may allow us to discard old hardcopies and use our limited space for something else.


Thank you,




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Hi all,

I have a real quick favor to ask of you all. It is a very short survey, but unfortunately it is due tomorrow, November 4. It came up just as I was about to leave and caught in the middle of too many things, as usual, and as you might have noticed I tend to be scattered and procrastinate. On the up side, this is a very short survey!


“The regional TKNs have been asked to identify the three types of data we are asked for, and for which we would like to have better sources. The RAC/TKN Task Force will use this information to identify opportunities for collaboration with TRB committees involved with data.”


The survey can be found her – and it is very short ;)

Thanks everyone,


Sandy Brady

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