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[etkn-forum] ETKN Enters Year 2: Call for Nominations for Officers!

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In November 2007 we gathered at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center in Chapel Hill, NC, resolving to form the ETKN, a group that has grown to include 21 libraries and information centers.

In our first year of operation, you asked me to serve as Chair, and I agreed to do so in a pro tem capacity (i.e. Until we could have an annual meeting and elect officers) 

My how time flies!

Entering our second year it is time to elect officers

According to our bylaws we need a Chair (who agrees to work with the incoming Chair in year 2), a Vice Chair (who moves into the Chair slot in year 2), and a Recording Secretary (1-year term that can be extended).

In 2009 I will no longer be able to serve as an officer in ETKN, but I will still participate in meetings and will work closely with the newly elected Chair (and the Vice Chair, as needed) to help with the transition.

With that in mind, I am asking that you consider the three offices that are open, take a look at the Membership Directory, and submit to me your nominations for officers and the post you are nominating for (an anonymous process).  Over the next two weeks will gather the nominations, contact those nominated, and ask them if they are willing to serve. 

When we have a slate of candidates we can initiate the voting process (also anonymous) and announce those elected.

Membership Directory: 


P.S. Heres an excerpt from our bylaws


    Section 1

1.      The officers shall consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Recording Secretary. The Vice-Chair shall be the Chair-Elect.

2.      The Vice-Chair shall be elected by the membership at the annual business meeting.   The Vice-Chair of the previous calendar year shall become the Chair.

3.      In the event the Chair is unable to fulfill his/her duties, the Vice-Chair will assume the duties of the Chair.  The Executive Committee shall appoint a Vice-Chair.

4.      The tenure of office for all officers shall be the calendar year following the annual meeting at which elections are held.

    Section 2 – Duties

1.       The Chair shall be the principal officer of the Network. The Chair shall:

a.      Preside at all meetings of the Network.

b.      Preside at meetings and coordinate the activities of the Executive Committee.

c.      Appoint Committee Chairs as needed during term of office.

d.      Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

e.      Perform other duties appropriate to Chair of the Network.

2.       The Vice-Chair shall be designated Chair-Elect.  The Vice-Chair shall

a.      Perform the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair.

b.      Become Chair for any unexpired term as defined by Article 5, Section 1 (3).

3.       The Past Chair, upon completion of a term as Chair, shall assist the Chair with any projects as needed.

4.      The Recording Secretary will record the minutes of the teleconferences and the meetings and assist with other tasks upon request of the Chair.  The Recording Secretary is also responsible for archiving ETKN documents on the collaboratory work space.

Ken Winter, MLIS
Director of Library and Information Services
VDOT Research Library
530 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903
Ph: (434) 293-1959 FAX: (434) 293-4196

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