Zvi Schreiber    (302)

Zvi Schreiber has many years of international experience as a software innovator and executive in the US, UK and Israel. He currently serves as CEO of Unicorn Solutions (http://www.unicorn.com) which he founded - Unicorn is successfully rolling out a semantic approach to managing and integrating information at leading Global 1000 enterprises and the Federal Government. Schreiber previously founded Tradeum Inc., which pioneered the concept of business-to-business e-commerce exchanges; Tradeum was acquired for $500 million and was chosen as the platform for the Converge consortium of high-tech companies in a deal worth $115 million.    (303)

Prior to that Schreiber worked in the UK introducing model-based software development methods to the UK's rail industry for safety-critical use and before that working on communications software which was OEM'd by IBM & HP. Schreiber is the inventor of over a dozen patents and is a frequent writer and speaker at major industry events. He holds a Ph.D. Theoretical Computer Science dealing with semantics from Imperial College, London, an MSc in theoretical physics and a BA in mathematics from the University of Cambridge.    (304)

Schreiber's recent speaking engagements included: PC Forum, the World Wide Web Consortium's annual conference, the Wilshire Meta-Data Conference / DAMA International Symposium, Enterprise Data Forum, TTI / Vanguard Knowledge Management, Semantic Technologies for E-Government at the White House Conference Center, DCI Business Process Management, the DAMA International Europe Conference, Army Knowledge Management and Enterprise Integration Expo.    (305)