Participants get lunch and go to a breakout session. The aim of each session is to suggest possible NICS tools and methods to overcome challenges regarding small area (i.e., neighborhood) data access and use. (Examples of such tools and methods might include metadata standards, synthetic data sets, and larger sample sizes.)    (2JKY)

 Falk Auditorium, The Brookings Institution
 February 16, 2005    (2JKZ)

Key Challenges to accessing and using small area data effectively.    (2JL0)

Name a tool or method for solving these problems?    (2JLM)

Next Steps    (2JLZ)

Other remarks...    (2JM3)


KEY TOOLS - Developing a use case that develops best practices.    (2KRW)

Peer Rating process? Kind of like a market place, do we trust the orginal source like amazon. How do you develop and identify those things?    (2JN0)

Legislation - to balance the need for privacy and confidentiality. What would victory be? Need to be able to point to a set of data that are NICS ready. Data that would be able to flow in and out.    (2JN1)

Ability to take NICS data and expand on local datasets - attributes associated about data.    (2JN2)