Web Manager University Annual Conference, May 5-6, 2008    (3WUJ)

Conference Sponsor: WebContent.gov: Your Guide to Managing U.S. Government Websites    (3YHI)

May 5 Sessions    (3WRM)

Social Media Tutorial: Success Stories Across Government    (3WSK)

Top Metrics for Top Tasks    (3WSL)

Panel: - JoePagano (slides), Tim Evans (slides) , BrianDunbar, and NicoleBurton    (3WRQ)

May 6 Sessions    (3WRU)

Update About Our Community: MarthaDorris, Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Citizen Services and Communications, GSA    (3WRW)

Plenary Session: Mass Collaboration—Transforming How We Deliver Content to Citizens (slides)    (3WRX)

DanHerman, nGenera    (3WRY)

Panel Discussion: Future of Government Web Content    (3WS0)

AndrewRasiej, TechPresident    (3WS1)

StevenClift, e–Democracy.org    (3WS2)

JoyceBounds, Veterans Health Administration    (3X4Z)

Information Architecture: Building Customer-Driven Navigation(slides)    (3WSM)

HallieWilfert, SRA International    (3WS7)

Transition Happens—Getting Ready for the New Administration(slides)    (3WSN)

RachelFlagg    (3WUQ)

BevGodwin & SheilaCampbell, USA.gov    (3X4X)

KirkWinters, Dept of Education    (3X4Y)

When It's Not Just Your Opinion: The Latest Usability Research for Government Web Managers (slides)    (3WSC)

KathStraub, HFI and SanjayKoyani, FDA    (3WSD)

Your Website on a Diet: How to Reduce Clutter and Reprioritize Your Content (slides)    (3WSE)

DickStapleton, HHS and PrudenceGoforth, HHS    (3WSF)