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This page is for you to introduce any new ideas that aren't expressed in the other parts of the DRAFT Action Plan for the U.S. government web manager community.    (3I1R)

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[Customer Satisfaction Results    (3I2Q)

The Washington Post and other publications have picked up on a .7% drop is satisfaction. In the Federal Computer Week (, Larry Freed, president of ForeSee Results said that the challenges for government agency Web sites to move forward “has not come from a lack of effort, but a lack of focus,”. May be we should think about having a discussion with Larry about what they are seeing. Is it Web 2.0? Is it the rising expectations of the customers? Is it "a lack of focus"? If OMB is going to add customer satisfaction to the PMA, how do we help OMB craft the message and help agency leadership to understand what OMB will be delivering? Rand Ruggieri, 03/27/07]    (3I2R)