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This draft plan was developed by a group of government web managers during an all-day working session on February 27, 2007. The purpose of the planning session was to:    (3I0F)

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The Draft Action Plan contains:    (3I0K)

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[I applaud the hard work that everyone obviously did to come up with the ideas on the two documents. Clearly, the group came to this effort with passion and determination to make things better. So bravo to the group!    (3I3Q)

There’s a lot here – all good, but it could be overwhelming. In fact, I found it a bit overwhelming just reading it – and I don’t have any responsibility for implementing it! I think it’s important to learn from our past mistakes; and one of the biggest lessons we learned when we did the first strategic plan - in the early days of the Advisory Council - is that it’s better not to bite off more than we can chew. It’s better to pick one – maybe two – big goals, focus on them like laser beams, get them done, and then move on to the next priorities. If it really is true that people make better choices when there are fewer options, I think the community would be able to make better choices about where to put their energy, if they only had a small number of goals and objectives to achieve.    (3I3R)

One way to help set priorities is to take a look at the resource needs. Some of the actions you’ve identified could be implemented with strong leadership and relatively little in additional resources. Some could require significant dollars and/or action by executives and others outside the web manager community. Some actions could have legal implications (like use of some of the new “social media” technologies) that will have to be vetted. So if it becomes a choice between taking on something that you can accomplish mostly through leadership and education and something that will require significant money or staff (and could get halted without those resources), you might lean toward the former. The likelihood of there being extra money to implement new initiatives at the end of one administration and/or the very beginning of another is not so good. Something to consider. (Candi Harrison 2007.03.23 7:19 am)]    (3I3S)