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This page is part of a DRAFT Action Plan for the U.S. government web manager community.    (3I1H)

Goal 4    (3HK3)

People should be able to directly interact with their government online (be part of the conversation, remove social barriers, participate in e-democracy). Government needs to do this to remain relevant to the public and to have government content remain relevant.    (3HMQ)

Grassroots Initiatives    (3HMR)

[---There's been interesting discussion on the WebContent listserv recently about the use of wikis (both public facing and those for internal use) as well as 'lessons' from other entities posting content to Wikipedia. It would be advisable to take these examples into account so we can ensure the information is embraced rather than criticized. April Stafford,, 03/26/07]    (3IBZ)

Government-wide Initiatives    (3HNF)

[Step one is to educate ourselves. Step two is to educate our bosses. I'd be interested in working with others on both tasks. The Webinar that WebManager University is hosting on Apr 10 ("Survey of Social Media") and the Web Content Managers Roundtable Event on Mar 29 ("Creating A Complete Social Media Strategy") should be great information to support both of our tasks. on Randy Eltringham,, (703) 602-4949, ext 160, 3/23/07]    (3I4K)


Feel free to comment add any comments or new ideas:    (3I1J)

[I think we need to use our WebMoneky Survey Tool to gather information about which kinds of Social Media/ Social Networking activities our Web Content Management Community members are already doing successfully for info sharing/mentoring purposes; which activities and strategies we are trying for the first time right now; and what training and concerns we have for issues we are worried about. Randy Eltringham,; (703) 602-4949, ext 160, 3/23/07]    (3I4I)

Food for thought: when (not if...eventually, the people in power will be wise enough to embrace) we engage in social media, how do we tend to the potential criticism we'd be inviting and any legal issues (censorship). I'm young...29 years old...and if I didn't work in government, I may not be aware of what's out there. Most of my peers aren't browsing government Web sites. We need to become more relevant to all ages and go where people are online or use social media avenues.    (3JYA)