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There needs to be something in here about openess, timeliness and information sharing. Is the point of a web site to make administrations look good, or to share facts and knowledge gained? This is very important for the research based organizations. If a researchers work has to be vetted by 7 non-researchers at four different levels as appropriate to posting before it is able to be shared with the public, the bottlenecks are going to stifle the very point of using the internet to share information.    (3JVH)

We also need to say something to the effect that trust among users is high for Government websites, and state the need to maintain/increase it. (Tim Evans, 4/19/07)    (3JY4)

How about including some language for state and local governments, too? I know this is primarily for federal staff, but we share these same concerns, goals, hopes and dreams!    (3JY9)