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Draft Action Plan - April 16, 2007    (3JS3)

Background Statement    (3JQ9)

The federal government is the largest single producer, consumer, and disseminator of information in the U.S. The Web is now the primary way many people access government information and services. The public wants government to deliver content that is real-time, relevant, interactive, and written by real people, not “bureaucrats.” The federal government currently has tens of thousands of websites and millions of web pages. As more and more government content is made available online – content that is nearly impossible to keep up-to-date with the limited resources devoted to web operations - it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to complete their most critical government tasks online.    (3JJ9)

We need to adapt to our customers’ needs and change the way we create and deliver content. By stripping away the clutter, coordinating content across agencies, taking advantage of new technologies, and finding more effective ways to deliver content, we can help the public accomplish their most important goals. Ultimately, this can significantly improve how the government serves the public now and into the future.    (3JJA)

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Vision:    (3JQC)

We believe the public should be able to:    (3JBY)

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Goal:    (3JQD)

To achieve this vision, we’ve chosen one primary goal to focus our community’s work for the next two years:    (3JC2)

We define “critical task” as any action that:    (3JJR)

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Initiatives:    (3JQE)

To improve our most critical tasks, our web manager community will—BOTH within and across agencies—implement the following initiatives:    (3JCI)

A: Identify the public's most critical tasks    (3JC3)

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B: Evaluate how we deliver the most critical tasks online    (3JC4)

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C: Communicate the importance of focusing on critical tasks    (3JC8)

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D: Identify barriers that make it difficult for the public to complete critical tasks online    (3JC9)

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E: Implement solutions    (3JBN)

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