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Web Managers Advisory Council Draft Action Plan -- March 27, 2007    (3IUQ)

1) Vision: Our vision for the future of government websites is that citizens will be able to:    (3IUR)

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2) Goals: We recognize it will take a lot of work and resources to make our vision a reality. To get us started, we’ve chosen one primary goal:    (3IUX)

Why This Goal? We’ve made this our first goal because focusing on Top Tasks will help our community focus on the most important parts of their website first. It recognizes that we don’t have the resources right now to re-write every webpage or do a complete overhaul of all government websites. This will help us prioritize and stay focused on improving the content that will have the biggest impact on serving the public.    (3IUZ)

Once we’ve achieved success with the Top Tasks, we can adopt those successful strategies to the next tier of important tasks.    (3IV0)

Focusing on Top Tasks doesn’t mean we won’t pursue other worthy goals – like using new media, creating more opportunities for public involvement, creating content in re-usable formats, etc. But those activities should be pursued as THE MEANS for achieving the Primary Goal of improving Top Tasks. For example, an agency shouldn’t develop podcasts simply for the sake of using new media. However, if they’ve identified “applying for financial aid” as one of their top tasks, then it would be beneficial for them to consider whether using podcasts or other social media would help the public accomplish that task.    (3IV1)

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3) Initiatives: To implement our goals, we – as a web manager community – are going to:    (3IV2)

A: Identify top tasks    (3IV9)

B: Evaluate how well agencies deliver top tasks    (3IV4)

C: Communicate importance of top tasks    (3IVD)

D: Look for barriers to achieving tasks    (3IVG)

E: Follow industry best practices to improve top tasks    (3IV6)

F: Use new media to improve access to top tasks    (3IV6)

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4) Obstacles to overcome: We recognize that achieving this goal will mean significant change in the way we do business now.    (3IV7)

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