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Comments on the Communication Strategy    (3IDB)

[The communication plan is so critical, and you’ve made a good start on a strategy. I think it’s very important to lay out – clearly – exactly what you want people to do. You also should anticipate push-back and have responses ready so that web managers don’t get caught off-guard. If you’re going to cause major change, then everyone needs to have a solid understanding of the plan of attack and what’s expected of him/her.    (3I41)

I think it would be very helpful to spell it out like this: 1. Here’s what we’re trying to achieve; 2. Here’s why it’s important (the problem it corrects or the enhancement it will bring); 3. Here’s how we’re going to do it – the change we’re going to cause; 4. Here are the obstacles we expect to encounter and how we plan to address them; 5. Here’s what we need you to do (and “you” should include web managers at the agency level, web managers and staff at lower levels, the Advisory Council or Steering Committee or Working Group, etc.)    (3I42)

Again, it’s wonderful to see the energy and ideas flowing and the leadership group growing! (Candi Harrison 2007.03.23 7:24 am)]    (3I43)