Web Content Managers Forum    (3HJS)

Below are working documents for our Forum. Read about the Forum on http://Webcontent.gov    (3ISB)

Phase 3    (3JBG)

After our conference call on March 27, members of the Web Managers Steering Committee re-wrote the "one-pager" Action Plan to include a background statement, streamline the vision, and better articulate the goals and initiatives. We incorporated the latest comments and sent the draft to members of the Web Content Managers Forum on April 17, 2007. Anyone is invited to comment on this latest draft.    (3JBJ)

Phase 2:    (3IS4)

Based on feedback, we condensed the "Phase 1" documents into one main document.    (3JBL)

Phase 1:    (3HJT)

Summary documents from February 27, 2007 Working Session    (3IS7)

We Want Your Comments    (3JCW)

We welcome comments on our draft Action Plan from members of the Web Content Managers Forum, as well as others who have an interest in improving U.S. government websites.    (3JCX)