Warren Ellmore    (I3)

Warren Ellmore, President, Everware    (K7)

Development of solutions using component-based architectures offers several types of benefits, including application flexibility, component reuse, quality, cost, and speed of delivery. This presentation describes Everware's approach to component provisioning and assembling applications from COTS and custom-developed components. Everware has developed an MDA-like automated tool for generating components using industry best practices and design patterns. A case study using Everware's approach is provided and the resulting metrics show a significant savings in time and cost.    (I4)

Mr. Ellmore is co-founder and President of Everware, a leading provider of component-based software solutions, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. He recently directed the development and delivery of the first component-based application within the Intelligence Community (IC). This application paves the way for future IC applications implemented from a Service-Oriented Architecture using COTS and custom-built software components as well as reused software assets. Mr. Ellmore directs internal R&D in the development of both component products and tools.    (I5)