Visualization to Understand Expenditures in Information Technology (VUE-IT) Requirements Community site    (40LT)

VUE-IT stands for Visualization to Understand Expenditures in Information Technology. VUE-IT is a tool designed to provide insight into the Federal Government Information Technology (IT) investments made through the Presidentís Budget. VUE-IT presents IT investments by agency and bureau, as well as by the service groupings of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA). VUE-IT incorporates the High Risk List and Management Watch List tools used by the Office of Management and Budget to monitor IT budget planning and project execution. Through the integration of IT investment data, the FEA, and IT management tools, VUE-IT provides greater transparency and increases understanding of the Federal IT Portfolio.    (40LU)

Invitation to Contribute    (40LV)

The purpose of the VUE-IT Requirements Community site is to provide citizens with the ability to offer feedback and recommend new features for inclusion within subsequent releases of VUE-IT. You may choose to:    (40LW)

1) Read all comments in the VUE-IT public discussion forum    (40LX)

2) Add your comments to the VUE-IT public discussion forum    (40LY)

Thank you for your feedback. Your contribution will make the VUE-IT application more valuable for everyone.    (40M3)

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