Vijay Raghavan    (3FMX)

Solution Architect and Founder/CEO of TowerStrides Inc. Chantilly, VA    (3FM6)

TowerStrides is an innovative technology management consulting firm providing a unique blend of premium IT services. We provide our clients with a range of business and technology solutions designed to assist them in their day to day operations.    (3FMA)    (3FM9) (3F37) Phone: 571-243-5312 (3EZM)    (3FM7)

15+ years of multi-tier application development experience utilizing database, web and content management technologies. Have 8+ years experience in creating telecom OSS/BSS solutions in ordering and inventory areas. A proven track record of designing and building maintainable, secured and reliable applications that meet business requirements. 10+ years of IT-industry experience involving Enterprise Architecture and development and Integration of business applications using SOA. A proven track record of designing flexible data and business models and database structures to support application requirements. Experienced in e-commerce applications. Experienced in Vignette enterprise application portal platforms.    (3FM8)

White Papers:    (3FMW)

ITIL and SOA: Can they co-exist? 2006 Global CIO conference at GMU.    (3FMB)