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Reviewer Comment: Where is the origin or source for this???????    (2XKJ)

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Business Definition    (2XKM)

The specification of tests that are conducted from the end-user perspective. Use cases tend to focus on operating software as an end-user would conduct their day-to-day activities.    (2XKN)

Reviewer Comment: A description of how a system can used from a user's point of view.    (2XKO)

Reference/URL for Business Definition    (2XKP)

www.sitetestcenter.com/software_testing_glossary.htm    (2XKQ)

Reviewer Comment: how about a simpler description, adapted from "business Modeling with UML" Eriksson and Penker, pg 444.    (2XKR)

Technical Definition    (2XKS)

A detailed description of a single activity in a business process that identifies data inputs and outputs, performance/timing requirements, the handling of error conditions and interfaces with external applications.    (2XKT)

Reviewer Comment: Issue: From an "authoritative" perspective Booch, Jacobson, Rumbagh are considered the "Fathers" of UML and the associate Use Case term. Did we want to use their definition, at least on the technical side??    (2XKU)

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usnet03.uc-council.org/glossary/    (2XKW)

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