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A UDDI (Universal description, discovery and integration) directory is an online listing providing businesses and organizations a uniform way to describe their business services, discover other organizations ' services and understand the methods required to conduct business activities with a that business or organization.    (2XMO)

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This definition was already included in the glossary file, but no reference.    (2XMQ)

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A directory model for web services. UDDI is a specification for maintaining standardized directories of information about web services, recording their capabilities, location and requirements in a universally recognized format. Seen (with SOAP and WSDL) as one of the three foundation standards of web services, UDDI is currently the least used.    (2XMS)

Reviewer Comment: Issue: UDDI is an open standard managed by the OASIS organization - need to use their technical definition. For some reason could not down load description file for formal definition - note to self get this.    (2XMT)

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http://looselycoupled.com/glossary/UDDI    (2XMV)

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