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Reviewer Comment: Major issue - cross terms consistency - Transition Plan, Transition Strategy, Implementation Plan, and Sequence Plan (and while not present is there, arguable, not a Sequence Strategy???). See descriptions in various spread sheets. Need a higher level coordination.    (2XJQ)

First, resolve what is the difference between Strategy vs Plan. American Hert. Dic. Suggests that a strategy is the overarching approach that executes a plan. However, in practice - for the EA world, it is my opinion that it is the opposite. There is a technology strategy (i.e. SOA) and then there is the "Plan" which implements multiple strategies.    (2XJR)

Second, how are we to handle synonyms? Dictionaries, include separate definitions if there are subtle differences and essentially the same definition when there are no differences. Both reference synonym(s). OMB doesn't seem to have a formal definition for strategy or plan for EA.    (2XJS)

Recommendation that the terms Sequence, Implementation, Transition as a prefix to plan and strategy have the same meaning. While Strategy and Plan are synonyms, there are some subtle differences, with Strategy tending to be the approach, while the plan is the "documentation" of the approach. This difference would be captured in the definitions. Therefore, Sequence Plan, Implementation Plan, Transition Plan. Are exactly the same and have the same definition. Sequence Strategy, Implementation Strategy, and Transition Strategy are exactly the same and have the same definition.    (2XJT)

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Data Reference Model http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?DataReferenceModel_09_2004/TheGlossary_DRM_VolIv1 (2) Data Reference Model Wiki http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Enterprise_Architecture_Glossary_Of_Terms#nid2PS5 (3) FEAPMO (John Lee)    (2XJV)

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A plan, usually in a document form, that explains the actions and investments, sometimes over multiple years, to change the organization from where it is to where it strategically needs to be in terms of mission functions and supporting technologies. It provides schedules for multiple, concurrent, interdependent activities, and incremental actions that will transition the enterprise to doing new things or existing things better, often with technology.    (2XJZ)

Reviewer Comment: The formal documented approach to making changes to move the organization in the direction of the strategic vision. Usually it is defined by a step-at-a-time process. The amount of change that can take place in any one step depends on the significance of the change, its urgency, resources available, organizational entropy, and risks. Syn. Implementation Plan, Sequence Plan; See also Sequence Strategy, Implementation Strategy, Transitions Strategy.    (2XK0)

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colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl with changes made by M. Tiemann    (2XK2)

Reviewer Comment: http://www.software.org/sysmigweb/framework/framework-4.asp as modified by M. Tiemann ---------- Minor issue, dictionary's include "Plan" with formal documentation, rather than a strategy. For "Plan" include this concept. Not changes to Tiemann's definition for consideration. Added synonym    (2XK3)

Technical Definition    (2XK4)

Reviewer Comment: A transition plan is a document that defines the strategy for changing the enterprise from the current baseline to the target architecture. It schedules multiple, concurrent, interdependent activities, and incremental builds that will evolve the enterprise. Syn. Implementation Plan, Sequence Plan; See also Sequence Strategy, Implementation Strategy, Transitions Strategy.    (2XK5)

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Reviewer Comment: adapted from - Chief Information Officer Council, A Practical Guide to Federal Enterprise Architecture, Version 1.0, February 2001.    (2XK7)

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