Tony Stanco, Esq. is the founding Director of the Washington-based Center of Open Source & Government. He works on software policy, Open Source, cyber-security and eGovernment with universities and governments around the world. Tony has given presentations at the U.S. Congress, various U.S. defense and civilian agencies, World Bank, European Commission, United Nations, Inter-American Development Bank, Organization of American States, World Summit on Information Society, LinuxWorld, Advanced Computer and Internet Law Institute, and International Computer Law Association, among others. He has also worked with government and IT officials of the UK, Germany, Canada, Mexico, India, Denmark, and Jordan. He is an Associate Director of the Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute of The George Washington University. He is also adjunct professor at George Washington University, teaching courses on Open Source, and "From Lab to IPO: The Hi-Tech Start-Up." Prior to joining The George Washington University, he was a senior attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission in the group that regulates the Internet and software industry, where he worked on hundreds of Internet and software IPOs. He has an LL.M. from Georgetown University Law Center and is licensed as a lawyer in New York state. {nid T1}. He is also the founder of the National Association of Angel Investors,    (11O)

Email: Phone: 202-994-5513    (T2)