Tom Kingsley    (94S)

Organization: Urban Institute    (94T)

Title or Subject of Initiative, Project, Program, or Other Effort Relevant to Meeting:    (95C)

 National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership    (94V)

Nature of Effort: Network to develop and assist local data intermediaries in accessing and organizing data sets for inclusion in statistical systems    (94W)

Current Status: in operation URL:    (94X)

Purpose and Audience (Ends):    (94Y)

Purpose    (94Z)
further the development and use of neighborhood information systems in local policy making and community building    (950)
Audience    (951)
local and national groups with interest in indicators systems and using data for policy and program development    (952)

Brief Description (Means): Conduct cross-site policy research; prepare tools and guides; assemble information on innovations in the field; operate many mechanisms for dissemination (web site; email listserve; conferences and workshops); promote the development of new local data intermediaries and help them get started.    (954)

Brief Narrative of History, Current Status, Plans: Started in 1995. See for details    (955)

Relevant Background Documents: See    (956)

Contact information:    (957)