Tom (Thomas J.) Christoffel,is the Senior Planner for the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission Phone: 540-636-8800x209 Fax: 540-635-4147    (3323)

The Commission is one of 21 Planning District Commissions in Virginia    (3324)

Based in Front Royal, Virginia (VA), the Regional Commission has taken the lead in multi-regional planning efforts for Air Quality - SHENAIR - and    (3325)

Regional Water Resources Planning - see PDF - "Goal-Oriented Water Policy The Shenandoah Valley Experience"    (3326)

USGS has established its Great Valley Water Resources Science Forum along the same nine County regional geography    (332P)

Tom Christoffel has worked at the Commission since 1973. Charterd as the Lord Fairfax Planning District Commission in 1970, the name was changed to Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission from 1970 to 2001, and has been involved in the development of the District Comprehensive Plan adopted in 1978 which has become the District Strategic Plan as a consequence of a change in the Code of Virginia.    (3327)

A member of the American Planning Association and its Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division; an American Institute of Certified Planner - (AICP); a Professional Member of the World Future Society; and individual member of the National Association of Regional Councils, Tom has been a practitioner for regional cooperation for over 30 years.    (3328)

He developed the concept of "regional intelligence - regional communities" as a consequence of his 1998 Regions Work Initiative presented to the World Future Society.    (3329)

In 2003 began a weekly newsletter Regional Community Development News Online issues can be searched. It is a free subscription use this to subscribe. No other information is required. Unsubscription is just as easy, an option at the end of every issue.    (332A)