Visioning a Nationwide Infrastructure for Community Statistics Community Statistical Systems Network May 27, 2004    (1OV)

Participant Profile    (1OW)

Name(s): Tom Kingsley    (1OX)

Organization: Urban Institute    (1OY)

Title or Subject of Initiative, Project, Program, or Other Effort Relevant to Meeting:    (1OZ)

  		     National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership    (1P0)

Nature of Effort:    (1P1)

___ system for on-line delivery of nationwide local area data to individual users ___ tabular data ___ mapped data geographic units (e.g., states, counties, places) include: primary data sets include:    (1P2)

___ tool to assist national and local data intermediaries in accessing and organizing data sets for inclusion in on-line statistical systems    (1P3)

___ development of applications, technologies, or standards to aid in the above    (1P4)

_X__ other:    (1P5)

Network to develop and assist local data intermediaries in accessing and organizing data sets for inclusion in statistical systems    (1P6)

Current Status: __X_ in operation ___ under construction ___ in planning, in conceptual development, under consideration    (1P7)

URL (if relevant):    (1P8)

Purpose and Audience (Ends):    (1P9)

Purpose: further the development and use of neighborhood information systems in local policy making and community building Audience: local and national groups with interest in indicators systems and using data for policy and program development    (1PA)

Brief Description (Means):    (1PB)

Conduct cross-site policy research; prepare tools and guides; assemble information on innovations in the field; operate many mechanisms for dissemination (web site; email listserve; conferences and workshops); promote the development of new local data intermediaries and help them get started.    (1PC)

Brief Narrative of History, Current Status, Plans: Started in 1995. See for details    (1PD)

Relevant Background Documents (with URLs, if available): See    (1PE)

Contact information: Address: The Urban Institute, 2100 M. St. NW, Washington, DC 20037 Telephone: 202-261-5586 E-mail:    (1PF)