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Test Harness    (2XIZ)

Reviewer Comment: This is a software development term. Why are we, at this juncture, focused on this term? What is the fundamental relevancy? EA is about planning, not how someone develops software. Recommend removing this term from the controlled list.    (2XJ0)

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SCBA v2    (2XJ2)

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A software that automates the testing process for computerized services or components, testing them as thoroughly as possible, before production or real use.    (2XJ6)

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www.donald-firesmith.com/Glossary/GlossaryT.html as modified by M. Tiemann    (2XJ8)

Technical Definition    (2XJ9)

A program or test tool used to execute software tests. Also known as a Test Driver.    (2XJA)

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www.sitetestcenter.com/software_testing_glossary.htm    (2XJC)

Context Definition 1    (2XJD)

The term Test Harness with respect to a series of script files used to enable a DB2 database for use by the DB2 XML Extender. A test harness is optionally created when a DAD file is generated from a relational database to XML mapping. Once enabled, it tests composing XML from data as well as decomposing XML files into relational data.    (2XJE)

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publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/adiehelp/topic/com.ibm.wsinted.glossary.doc/topics/glossary.html    (2XJG)

Context Definition 2    (2XJH)

Test harnesses should include the following capabilities: (1) A standard way to specify setup (i.e., creating an artificial runtime environment) and cleanup. (2) A method for selecting individual tests to run, or all tests. (3) A means of analyzing output for expected (or unexpected) results. (4) A standardized form of failure reporting.    (2XJI)

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http://www.devdaily.com/java/junit/node9.shtml Context Definition 3    (2XJK)

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