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An individual element of a larger industrial or commercial object.    (2V4V)

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Systems & Software Component - http://www.software.org/pub/architecture/fea.asp    (2V4X)

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An individual software or hardware element of a larger technological system. Software components could be routines or modules whereas hardware components can range from transistors and resistors to disk drives and batteries.    (2V4Z)

Reviewer Comment: A component is an assembly, or part thereof, that is essential to the operation of some larger assembly and is an immediate subdivision of the assembly to which it belongs. For example, a radio receiver may be a component of a complete radio set consisting of a combined transmitter-receiver, i.e., a transceiver. The same radio receiver could also be a subsystem of the combined transmitter-receiver, in which case the IF amplifier section would be a component of the receiver but not of the radio set. Similarly, within the IF amplifier section, items, such as resistors, capacitors, vacuum tubes, and transistors, are components of that section.    (2V50)

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Freedman, Alan - The Computer Glossary: the Complete Illustrated Dictionary 8th ed. 1998 < TechWeb: The Business Technology Network www.techweb.com    (2V52)

Reviewer Comment: Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Components    (2V53)

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