I am a passionate change agent and have been actively engaged in knowledge management endeavors for about 25 years, since I first provided an alternate briefing guide for KC-135 flight crews in 1981 to improve communication regarding the lifecycle of each flight mission.    (32QD)

As Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Public-Private Enterprise since 1998, I have been a thought leader in terms of how to better share ideas across government and between the government and the private sector. I have demonstrated this leadership through my participation in numerous knowledge management-related seminars and conferences and through publications (I am the Executive Editor of "Government Transformation," many issues of which can be viewed at http://cppe.org ).    (32QE)

I was a Staff Advisor of the DoD KM CoP and completed a Graduate Certificate in Knowledge Management from The George Washington University, as well as a commercial KM certificate program.    (32QF)

I am the Founder and Director of the International Association of Knowledge Work's Chapter Development Process and President of the Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter, and also the Founder and Director of the Forum for Government Innovation. In addition, I am Adjunct Faculty at the University of Denver's Computer and Information Systems Program at its University College and Director of Innovation in Enterprise Architecture at The George Washington University's Institute for Knowledge and Innovation.    (32QG)

I have also worked in support of Homeland Defense and Homeland Security efforts for going on two years now, primarily as an employee of The Tauri Group, where I am Principal Transformation Architect. I also was involved in another contractor role where I contributed to aspects of the development of the Air Force Portal in the 2001-2003 time frame. Therefore, I think I can contribute in a strategic way to the "New KM.Gov" undertaking.    (32QH)

Finally, given the aggressive agenda for 2006, including the work related to Katrina, I think I am especially well-qualified to contribute to the Katrina effort. It would be my goal to help bring that to closure and I would make the time available to make that possible. That would be my top priority -- I believe that there is additional "spin-off" work about information-sharing in general that will be of crucial importance for the KM Working Group to tackle.    (32QI)

I would also commit to build a bridge between KM and Enterprise Architecture communities through arranging and conducting at least one seminar with that in mind in 2006. Similarly, I would like to help build stronger bridges between the International Association of Knowledge Work and The George Washington University's Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, where I am the Director for Innovation in Enterprise Architecture.    (32QJ)

My doctoral work included a dissertation entitled: "Organization Theory and the Transformation of Large, Complex Organizations," which is viewable at http://cppe.org . I would say that the federal government is indeed a large and complex organization and there is the need for grounding in organization theory as we go about the work of transforming it to be more effective, including enhancing knowledge-and-information sharing. I truly welcome the chance to help contribute to this aspect of federal government transformation through the KM Working Group.    (32QK)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve. Regards, Steve    (32QL)

STEVEN E. ELSE, Ph.D., PMP, MPKM StevenElse@aol.com    (32QM)