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Service    (2WYB)

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SCBA v2    (2WYD)

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Business Definition    (2WYG)

A software component that carries out business processes.    (2WYH)

Reviewer Comment: A sharable software component that carries out a business process, activity or function.    (2WYI)

Reference/URL for Business Definition    (2WYJ)

Todd Datz, "What You Need To Know About Service-Oriented Architecture", CIO, 15 Jan. 2004; available from http://www.cio.com/archive/011504/soa.html; Internet; accessed 17 June 2005.    (2WYK)

Reviewer Comment: suggest a minor change.    (2WYL)

Technical Definition    (2WYM)

A service is a specific type of component that is explicitly intended to be shared and reused by multiple applications, either internal or external to the organization.    (2WYN)

Reference/URL Technical Definition    (2WYO)

Demetrios Kotsikopoulos and Jay Shah, "Service-Oriented Architecture Primer"; available from http://enterprisearchitecture.nih.gov/NR/rdonlyres/1428451C-7E3C-4147-AD38-E1EADE4F71EA/0/ServiceOrientedArchitectureSOAPrimer.pdf; Internet; accessed 14 June 2005.    (2WYP)

Context Definition 1    (2WYQ)

Discrete unit of functionality that can be requested (provided a set of preconditions is met), performs one or more operations (typically applying business rules and accessing a data-base), and returns a set of results to the requester. Completion of a service always leaves busi-ness and data integrity intact.    (2WYR)

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SCBA v2    (2WYT)

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