Spatial Ontology Community of Practice(SOCOP) Developed a Draft Strategy September 14, 2006    (3S7A)

History: On June 20-22, 2006 a Workshop on “Networking Geospatial Information Technology for Interoperability and Spatial Ontology” was held at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virigina. The purpose of the Workshop was to explore opportunities for multi-disciplinary and community-based collaboration around national challenges. By drawing on strategic leadership and "best practices" underway in the geospatial area, participants discussed open collaboration in their own settings and how an increasing number of exemplary collaboration are transforming geospatial information technology today. Topics included:    (3S7B)

  -Open standards development 
  -Web-based collaboration environments 
  -Ontologies for efficient information-sharing and semantic interoperability   
  -Federal Enterprise Architecture Data Reference Model V2.0 and Geospatial Profile 1.1 (2.0 in process) 
  -Community to national scale needs and applications    (3S7C)

SOCoP Executive secretary, Dr. Gary Berg-Cross may be contacted at    (3S7D)