Rich Carlson    (41E7)

Richard Carlson is a network engineer for the Performance Architectures & Technologies group at Internet2. He is working on advancements to the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT), which he had been refining while on staff at Argonne National Laboratory. Rich has over 18 years of experience in the design, construction, and operation of high performance IP networks to support large scale Department of Energy (DOE) science initiatives. These include the development of national and international networks to support supercomputing conferences. He spent 2 years as a program manager at DOE where he was responsible for setting the network research objectives and goals for the DOE. He managed the basic network research program for the DOE NGI program. He is currently investigating end-to-end performance issues in campus area networks. The goal of this project is to define unique "network signatures" that correspond to specific network performance problems.    (41E8)