A Fine Art graduate of the University of California Berkeley, Rex Brooks has pursued an extensive and wide-ranging career in Advertising Art Direction, Corporate Identity and Graphic Design. His ongoing interests have included the applications of Computer Technology in his field and applying concepts from the fields of Psychology, Sociology and Advertising in the area of Semantics and Semiotics for the purposes of improving communications in digital information systems. This led to his involvement with OASIS in the HumanMarkup Technical Committee helping to create the Human Markup Language.    (4HQ)

Since 1988, Rex has also pursued the development of 3D technologies for print, film, video, multimedia and the worldwide web. This avocation has led him to co-found the Content Development Working Group of the Web 3D Consortium, co-found Humanmarkup.org, Inc. and serve as vice chair of the OASIS HumanMarkup Technical Committee. He is also serving on the OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets and Emergency Management Technical Committees.    (4HR)

See also: http://humanml.cim3.net/    (2ZRB)