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Cognitive Psychologist, Usability Engineering, Information Architecture, Design and Access. Since January 2008 an employee with the Food and Drug Administration's Web Communications Management Team (FDA/OC/OPA/OER) - Usability.    (3VC0)

October 12, 2007: Second Annual Usability Conference Presentation Title: WIKI Platforms for Collaboration: When Convenient Access and Ease of Use Are Not Enough / Authors: Renate Roske-Shelton and Lois Bangiolo    (3QBC)

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Discriminating between degrees of low or high similarity: implications for scaling techniques using semantic judgments Source Ablex Series In Computational Science archive    (3W5U)

Pathfinder associative networks: studies in knowledge organization {nid 3W5V} Pages: 61 - 73 Year of Publication: 1990 ISBN:0-89391-624-2 Authors Renate J. Roske-Hofstrand Kenneth R. Raap Publisher Ablex Publishing Corp. Norwood, NJ, USA    (3JHI)

Video in applied cognitive research for human-centered design Renate J. Roske-Hofstrand October 1989 ACM SIGCHI Bulletin, Volume 21 Issue 2 Publisher: ACM Press Full text available: pdf(214.66 KB) {nid 3JGV} "Video constitutes one of the most direct and contextually rich means for capturing observable behavior in human-computer interaction. However, a major shortfall of this type of visual medium lies in its failure to directly capture those aspects of user behavior that can predictably be associated with human cognition. Goal-directed cognitive user processes such as those that occur in problem-solving, decision-making, and planning activities are by their nature not subject to recording on camera."    (3JH8)

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Reminder Notes on How to Communicate Your Message (Value) - how to build a "marketing" strategy    (3O81)

  1. Value - Qualities useful for others - determining worth through assessment - report benefits - Outcome - Impact - Influence - Significance = Better Understanding Build messages that your target can relate to using the same vocabulary and terms that others can relate to    (3JHA)
  2. User focus is more important than ever - write a mission statement (this is essential - it should tie you into the greater scheme) - write how you contribute to your organization - do periodic needs assessment of the customer - --Example: Just in time processes; marketing needs - customized interfaces - selective information dissemination services etc.    (3JHB)
  3. Develop a culture of assessment - prioritize outcomes (any benefit to people, processes or positive changes)- describe your value and make decisions!    (3JHC)

changed name in account from RoskeHF to RenateRoskeShelton    (3W5X)

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"What's Next? - the expert's guide - Predictions from 50 of America's Most Compelling People by Jane Buckingham; published 2008    (3W1L)

"Wikinomics - How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams; published 2006/2007.    (3L76)

"In Search of Memory - The Emergence of a New Science of Mind by Eric R. Kandel; published 2006    (3L75)

"Letting Go of the Words - Writing Web Content that works. by Janice (Ginny) Redish; published 2007    (3L75)

"Foundations of Augmented Cognition - Augmented Cognition edited by D. Schmorrow, D. Nicholson, J. Drexler, and L. Reeves; 4th edition 2007 published by Strategic Analysis, Inc.; Arlington, VA.    (3PYX)

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An excellent plain English short video explanation about "What's a Wiki?"and what collaborative behavior can produce .    (3LKX)